To the Students, the dreamers, the travelers, the explorers.

OndaCity is much more than quality student housing. We work hard in the field of global mobility where we are building a community of international and local students who will be the change makers and influencers of tomorrow.

We know what students face and feel during an international experience. We’ve been there many times over. For this reason, OndaCity’s team, is more like a family of friends, who love to bring people together and guide “new explorers” through their journey when living abroad.

Our mission is to help you get set-up quickly in your new city while giving you the guidance needed to get the most out of your international experience!

With OndaCity you can count with:

  • quality fully serviced student housing in the center of Lisbon
  • an amazing community who share a similar mindset.  
  • unconventional activities for you to explore and engage with the culture, along with events focused on personal development that will help you prepare for the future.


Housing. Community. Growth.

OndaCityStart your Journey!


James Muscat

CEO & Founder

José Lourenço

Maintenance Supervisor

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